What is AlphaStore?

AlphaStore is a trading network that unites goods and services sellers which have e-shops. Registration in AlphaStore allows placing information about an e-Shop in the AlphaStore CATALOGUE and advertising goods on the AlphaStore MARKETPLACE.
AlphaStore is focused on those mobile users who use officially placed on the Apple AppStore and Google Market AlphaStore applications to access the shops.
Unlike the WEB version of an e-shop, the use of mobile applications with messaging system and integration with social networks offers store customers significant advantage to view, search for goods and interact with a store’s owner.

AlphaStore’s structure

AlphaStore MarketPlace includes the Catalogue with information about e-Shops and the MarketPlace with advertised goods and services.
All shops have the unique identifier TAG which is used for a quick identificaton in the AlphaStore commercial network.

Registration in AlphaStore

An e-shop owner registers in the AlphaStore Catalogue through Mobile Administrator and places Goods on the AlphaStore MarketPlace. The AlphaStore MarketPlace includes basic information about placed goods. The full information about goods can be found at an e-shop’s site.

AlphaStore Customers

E-Shops, retailers and small shops can place their offers in the AlphaStore catalog and on the AlphaStore MarketPlace. If a shop doesn’t submit orders through the site and doesn’t offer delivering services, its contact information is displayed on Google Map and Apple Map.

How AlphaStore works

With the Mobile Application, choosing a category in the Catalogue, a group of goods or a single product in the MarketPlace, a customer has an opportunity to go to the e-shop where he gets the full information about the goods and services offered.