Dear Customer!

We are glad to let you know that the Apple Company has created the Shopping section that may include ADVERTISING applications through which your products and services become possible to be advertised and sold.

This section may include applications which contain:

  1. The name of the application that corresponds to the name of your store or trademark
  2. Logo of your store
  3. Description of the store with a list of products sold in your store
  4. Keywords to search for your services and products on the AppStore


Currently, we have placed the <strong>e-Shop</strong> application which shows how your application may look like and its functionality.
<center><a class=image target=_blank href=><img src='images/available-on-the-appstore.png'/></a></center>

Currently, we have placed the e-Shop application which shows how your application may look like and its functionality.


With the free application <strong>AlphaStore</strong> a client connects to the e-shop specifiying the identifier <strong>TAG</strong>.
<center><a class=image target=_blank href=><img src='images/available-on-the-appstore.png'/></a></center>

With the free application AlphaStore a client connects to the e-shop specifiying the identifier TAG.

Our company would like to offer you a service in publishing ADVERTISING applications that contain:

  1. Brand name of your store
  2. Store Logo
  3. Keywords to search for products
  4. Keywords to search for your trademark

The service, that provides publishing your company’s ADVERTISING application in the AppStore catalogue, includes:

  1. Creating your company’s logo, adapted to the application
  2. Designing and placing the application on the App Store under your name or trademark with keywords in the catalogue to search for your products on the AppStore
  3. Adding all contact information about your company to the AppStore
  4. Preparing and installing additional software for an ADVERTISING application on your server by our specialists
  5. Providing your administrator with detailed instructions in case temporary access to your service for our specialists is impossible
  6. Pre-testing your store’s proper functionality

The requirements to your store to work with an ADVERTSING application:

  1. The application must contain only content which is not prohibited by Apple for publication in the AppStore catalogue
  2. The store must contain full contact information
  3. An ADVERTISING application’s rating cannot be artificially raised by using falsified reviews
  4. The store must operate permanently; in case it stops working, the application will be automatically removed from the catalogue

Placement conditions:

  1. An ADVERTISING application will not include a third-party advertising
  2. Your application will be guaranteed to be placed in the AppStore catalogue for one-year period of time from the date of publication
  3. Your application will be guaranteed to be supported, taking into account the release of new iOS versions and devices

Our service’s benefits:

  1. The term of your application’s placement may be 7 - 30 days
  2. Low cost
  3. The solution which doesn’t require continuous development and support

The service’s cost includes:

  1. Installation and certificate for the app placement - $99.95
  2. Monthly application’s charges $ 19.95

The Service is paid for through in-App purchase in the AppStore catalogue that guarantees the possibility of returning your payment. If you are interested in our offer, apply for further instructions.

An ADVERTISING application includes:

  1. A title page with the logo of your store or Banner
  2. The Contacts section
  3. The Goods & Services section with the gallery of products
  4. The built-in messenger, the notifications system

An application’s functionality can be extended, taking into account your store’s specifics:

  1. The clients’ registration Module
  2. The goods and services payment Module